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Alternative Finance for funding your company's growth.

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Alternative Financing

Alternative Financing

Funding Solutions

Asset-Based Lending, from $500,00 to $7,000,000. Credit facilities secured by Accounts Receivable, Inventory, Equipment and Real Estate. Fee waivers include legal, closing and unused line fees.

Accounts Receivable/Invoice Factoring, lines from $250,000. Borrowing capacities are based upon receivables, accelerating invoice collection practices that facilitate your company's cash collection.

Hybrid Credit Lines from $250,000 blend traditional and alternative credit facilities that help expand your business. Conversions made available to traditional asset-based lending structures, based upon your company's performance.

Merchant Cash Advances, (MCA's) are great way to receive cash within 24 to 48 hours. Advances based on monthly revenues $5,000 or greater. No minimum credit score or hard credit pull. Funding up to $250,000.

Payment Processing

Payment Processing

Location Based, eCommerce, Invoicing

Merchant Processing solutions include traditional,
interchange plus, or our new and popular EDGE Program. Choose from a variety of Bluetooth readers, Handhelds, to Full stations. Clients have access our 50+ POS partner-solutions for almost every industry! Email and Text Messaging Invoicing Platforms allows our clients to send invoices in seconds, giving customers every option to make a fast and easy payment with the ability to sync accounting software.

Employee Healthcare

Employee Healthcare

Health Insurance

Our clients receive the same benefits that companies such as Amazon, ADP, and Harley Davidson use for their employee programs. Major benefits included for both employers and employees.

Employers receive pretax benefits and fixed savings of $573.00 per employee year-over-year which increases an employees net pay by an average of $1500 per year.

Employees receive 100% preventative care with $0 copay, unlimited Primary Care Doctor / Urgent Care Visits, $0 copay on prescriptions, unlimited telemedicine and mental health $0 copay, and access to app and health dashboard for easy health management benefits!

"Profits are better than wages.”


What our Clients Say about Us


JC Lukens

Great quality and great service! Chris was a big help to our business. Our company was looking to start from scratch- we wanted to rebrand ourselves, develop a new website, and introduce new marketing strategies. Chris helped us every step of the way, and now our online presence is much stronger than our competition!


MB York

ValueExcited to be working with this agency on many levels! From social media to PR to event planning it had taken a lot off my plate. Exceptional quality, service, and communication. An overall great value and experience!


John Doe

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