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Agency Overview

What & Why

Our Agency supports our clients with creative, promotional, and media production services. Sales & Marketing Software (CMS), and Capital Solutions. BICA is focused on providing growth services that are necessities for any small to mid-sized business. Servicing our clients is our top priority to you and your company can focus on selling!

When you have a digital presence, your customers will find it easier to interact with your business.

A successful digital strategy requires a complete understanding of a client's specific goals for online and offline achievement. It aligns your online activities with your business goals to keep your business on track in an ever-changing environment.

It's not enough to reach a lot of people, your brand needs to connect to a person that wants, or needs, your product or service!

How Does Marketing With Story Work?

A company's story is what can make or break any business. Think about strong brands that resonate with consumers. Chances are, you know the story behind one of your own favorite brands. Maybe even a story or two behind that company meltdown! That "it" business that once had it all and then imploded because it was built on lies or suffered from a huge scandal.

Your company and its product(s) are unique. Let's tell that story and connect your business to an audience that will generate customers!

We'll find YOUR story.

"People come first, and solving business challenges are opportunities for us to grow."


From Hollywood to BICA AGENCY

Our Stories

Hollywood, Alps & back

Christopher Markakis Hiking in Swiss Alps

Hiking the Swiss Alps


Head of Business Development

Stories only lived inside his head, that is, until his Freshman-year of high school, when he met his English Lit teacher, Jack Holub. Chris was failing his class.

Jack was a large man, 6' 2", and weighed roughly 380 lbs. If the class became unruly, he would reach into his desk drawer and pull out a bullwhip that cracked with the sound of high-pitched thunder when snapped!

"He was that special kind of teacher, that type that you see in the movies and hope one day comes into your life. He was able to connect with me when most could not and help me develop my writing process."

After high school, Chris attended Arizona State University and studied Organizational Communication and Theater. He accepted an internship with a Chicago Company in Australia during his Junior-year. That was his first overseas experience, and it was a disaster.

"That was when I first learned that knowledge and beauty can be discovered in discomfort."

After ASU and he concluded his studies at the Hollywood Film Institute. Chris has worked on hundreds of television and film productions.

"I love working with brands on their stories. It's like making little movies."

Abbey's Way

The Human Satellite


Director of Operations

Don't take your eyes off this one. Born in the UK just outside of London, Abbey attended the University of Bristol where she received her master's in Business Management. She is very poised and polite, but don't mistake those qualities for weakness.

She hyper-detailed, driven, and is a thrill seeker when she is not behind a desk!

Rich Coast


Customer Success Executive

Originally from San Fransico, Matt was drawn to the Agency Business at an early age. After working his way up to an executive position, he found himself near burnout.

That's when he decided that he was going to go out on his own and start a business where he could specialize in his own brand of customer success. And it worked!

Matt manages a unique customer success business model. He can manage the business from anywhere, but has found himself in Costa Rica where he has been living for the past nine years.

Lightning in a Rainbow


Social Media Manager

She was born a badass, and not named after the former President of the United States, rather a punk rock band, -The Dead Kennedys.

She is sharp-tongued, and a cheeky quick wit that will drink you under-the-table if you let her. She loves to make people laugh so humor her!

The Viking

Eskil, The Viking


Director of Digital Advertising

Eskil inherited his adventurous spirit from his Viking ancestors. After attending the Gjøvik College of Engineering, in Norway, he journeyed across the Atlantic. Armed with his laptop under one arm and a guitar under the other, Eskil conquered the University of Cal State Long Beach, earning a Master's Degree in Computer Science.

Eskil's fearless journey continued into the world of digital marketing. His career trajectory quickly soared as he swiftly climbed the ranks as an expert and inventor. #fearless

It's only my Second cup...



Jess is the "most-normal," of our crew but is also the most hyper. Born in Ohio, raised in Ohio, and even attended Ohio State, I mean, "The Ohio State." She majored in journalism before moving to Arizona with her family and her dog, Ella.

"I swear, it's only my second cup," she'll say when asked.

Wedding Bliss


Manager of Tech Support

A wedding in India is a week-long celebration. Suresh's was roughly a whole month. He says that it was because both sides of the family were overjoyed. The Agency's take is that his parents were also celebrating their independence from the first of their eight children to have finally left the nest!

Suresh is somewhat of a coding genius, but don't tell him I said that. And don't get too technical with him, because it will become an hour conversation that you will not understand.

Just ask him if it's done, and go about the rest of your day!

Stay Cool


Content Manager

If you think you can dance, stay clear of a dance-off with Gibbs. I warn you, he will put you to shame. I have seen him empty out the pockets of the competition. And nothing is as embarrassing as getting your ass kicked by a skinny white kid on the dance floor.

Nobody knows where he came from and nobody knows where he has been. He just showed up in the office one day and started working, so we had to hire him. We think he is from Venice Beach, CA but we can not confirm. Any information would be appreciated.

Agency Team

















"Growth and comfort do not coexist."


"A man's journey is pointless and only self-serving unless he's learned to reach back, and pull up others along his way."


Our Values

We Strive to -

  • Live Each Day With Courage

  • Take Pride In Your Work

  • Always Finish What You Start

  • Do What Has To Be Done

  • Be Tough, But Fair.

Our Code

We Believe in -

  • When You Make A Promise, Keep It

  • Ride For The Brand

  • Talk Less and Say More

  • Some Things Aren't For Sale

  • Know Where To Draw The Line

What our Clients Say about Us


JC Lukens

Great quality and great service! Chris was a big help to our business. Our company was looking to start from scratch- we wanted to rebrand ourselves, develop a new website, and introduce new marketing strategies. Chris helped us every step of the way, and now our online presence is much stronger than our competition!


MB York

ValueExcited to be working with this agency on many levels! From social media to PR to event planning it had taken a lot off my plate. Exceptional quality, service, and communication. An overall great value and experience!


John Doe

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