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Understanding Merchant Processing and How to $ave on Fees

February 01, 20232 min read

As a business owner, understanding credit card processing fees is essential. With the right knowledge and strategies, you can use merchant processing fees to your advantage. From understanding what merchant processing fees are to exploring ways to minimize them, this guide will provide everything you need to know about merchant processing fees.

What Are Merchant Processing Fees?

Merchant processing fees are the charges that merchants pay for using credit cards as a payment method. These fees typically include an authorization fee, discount rate, and transaction fee. Authorization fees are charged for each time a customer authorizes their credit card for a purchase. The discount rate is calculated on a percentage basis as a percentage of the total sale amount. Lastly, the transaction fee is charged for each completed transaction on the merchant’s website or in-store terminal.

Payment Processing

How to Minimize Merchant Processing Fees

There are several ways that you can minimize your merchant processing fees so that your business isn't overpaying for services. The first step is choosing the right payment processor. Make sure that you do your research and choose one with competitive rates and low monthly costs. Another way to save money is by negotiating with your processor; they may be able to offer better rates if you agree to higher monthly minimums or longer contracts. Additionally, make sure that you avoid unnecessary upgrades or add-ons such as fraud prevention tools or reporting services; these can quickly add up and increase your overall cost per transaction significantly. The preferred solutions for our clients is to utilize the EDGE Solution where businesses just pay a fixed rate charge that range between now $10 and $35 per month, or encourage customers to pay with cash instead of credit cards; this will help reduce your overall costs substantially since there will be no associated merchant processing fees for those payments.

Take Advantage of Saving On Fees

Understanding credit card processing fees is essential if you want to benefit from them as a business owner. By understanding what merchant processing fees are, choosing the right payment processor, negotiating with your processor, avoiding unnecessary upgrades or add-ons, and offering discounts for cash or check payments – you can successfully save money on your merchant processing fees! Taking advantage of these strategies can help ensure that your business remains profitable while still providing customers with convenient payment options such as credit cards.

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Christopher Markakis

Christopher Markakis is a Business Development leader with many years of experience in Sales & Marketing. He has also worked extensively in Film, Television, and Video Production. Christopher loves working with people and helping them grow and achieve their goals.

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